The education of man on the basis of the values ​​he values ​​and the cultivation of his personality within a given framework in the aspects of vision, orientation, and action is a fundamental and vital issue that has long been and has been of concern to all human societies, especially its practitioners. From the theoretical and practical viewpoint of Islam, religious education and human guidance on the basis of the highest Islamic values ​​and leading the new generation in the path of Islamic ethics have been the main grief of the Prophet and the infidels.


To accomplish the above-mentioned goal, thoughtful educators of societies have been trying to organize the program's scholars through the preparation of scientific sciences such as educational sciences, psychology and ethics and the use of sciences such as sociology. We are a diverse science in field and institute squares.


It must be acknowledged that the Western world has abducted the field in this field, especially in particular fields such as psychology and education, and has provided scientific theories over the last few decades by establishing bases, scientific circles, institutes and centers of application of specific methodology. Numerous, various theoretical and field studies, comprehensive studies, and extensive works have been achieved in the form of books, articles, and web-sites, and, surprisingly, they have entered the field as though they were the sole owners of these scientific fields, and others pursuing their path and following. They do not have scientific results; Most countries around the world know their success only in returning their works and translate most of their scientific time into it.


In Iran's past, especially in the 1950s and the 1950s, the humanities in general and in areas such as psychology and the sciences of education do not see much more than relying on the findings and findings of non-native studies; However, in many cases even the statistics of those societies are used as the scientific basis of Iranian society!


In the last two decades, with the blessing of the Islamic Revolution and the thoughtful revelations of Imam Khomeini, and subsequently, the Supreme Leader's view of the religious and indigenous foundations of the humanities, important moves have been made by the scholars in both the field and institute and by the professors of these two basic institutions. The science of the country has been done with wise and wise cooperation, which has doubled the hope and confidence of the new generation to continue the journey.


Today, thanks to the awakening and the efforts of the intellectual generation of the revolution, we are witnessing a relatively significant collection of human resources, scientific works, and spaces suitable for this great movement, albeit for a variety of reasons, including a lack of scientific strength, lack of experience, and internal and external problems in the movement. Comparison with the country's scientific need has been very slow and limited. There is still no coherent system of education in the country, the diverse needs of the institutions involved with cultural, ethical and educational issues have not been met and expectations remain.


The concern is that this slow movement will be institutionalized, and in the current environment where thanks to God the presence of valuable scientific and institutional forces and the atmosphere of cooperation between the field and the institute is much more ready than before, the proper use of conditions will not be appropriate.


 The Institute of Higher Education Ethics and Education is in line with the above principles and believes that today's scientific circles in the country, both in the institutes and academic centers of psychology and in the fields of theology, especially in the field of theology of Qom, have a valuable resource to deal with. Expanding his educational and research activities at various levels, from educating educators to practitioners in applied fields, by educating experts and scholars in the fields of ethics and education, to build the foundations of movement that are first and foremost essential needs of our beloved country in the fields of education. To cultivate different cultural dimensions and finally Provide a comprehensive organization of Islamic education and ethics, Insha'Allah.